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Hear Orthopedic Surgeon
Dr. Steven Sanders demystify regenerative medicine:

Back and joint pain has robbed you of your favorite activities. Surgery is intrusive and expensive. You have heard about regenerative medicine, but you have lots of unanswered questions. We know there is a lot of misconceptions, so we focus on giving you the answers you need.

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As a former NFL player, my joint pain can be debilitating. Biotelligent is the only company I trust for my treatment. They use the best products and best process..

- Billy Davis

Biotelligent Regenerative Medicine could be right for you if you want:

check list iconTo avoid surgery

check list iconTo be active again

check list iconLess pain

check list iconLess inflammation

check list iconHigh quality products

check list iconDoctor-directed care

check list iconFDA regulated process

check list iconA company you can trust

“The progress made in the regenerative medicine field over the last several years has been incredible.  For people who thought surgery was their only option, we now have the products and methods that may help your body heal itself and either delay or eliminate the need for surgery altogether.  At Biotelligent, we utilize a comprehensive approach, catered to each patient, that will give you the best chance at living pain-free.  Over a series of treatments, we seek to eliminate harmful agents in your body and replace them with agents that help switch on your own healing abilities.  Our mission is to get you back to what you love to do, now and into the future!”

Dr. Steven Sanders